I am?

I am a barricade that I construct An obstacle that will not budge I am a closed door that is locked Left on one hinge, ready to drop I am the walls closing closing myself in Cracked and derelict, suffocating I am a pebble swept by the tide Constantly in motion, nowhere to hide I … More I am?


This is a farewell poem I wrote for our social gatherings every week where we do spoken word, perform original songs and jam.  For the foreseeable future, ’tis my last blurb Every monday evening, I’ve enjoyed being heard Reading my poems and playing my uke As a writer trying to show my worth Up on the … More Blurb

Sleepless Thoughts

A supernova is cosmic procreation; stars are progenitors of a supergiant explosion Billions of years of stellar evolution and here I am – a distant descendant The catalyst of it all exists a perpetual spark in the mind There the luminosity continues to shine Though thoughts dissipate in anticipation of the next; chaos is part of … More Sleepless Thoughts

Now and Then

Rummaging through memories, seeing myself as a kid living in a hostile world that influenced what I did. Cowering from what was scary; looking out from a window, stuck in a reverie of which I had no control. Surrounded by pleasantries, imagination came alive. Observing what was heavenly through another’s eyes. In sporadic moments, time stood … More Now and Then